11X Magic
A Children's Picture Book That Makes Math exciting by showing some cool secrets for multiplying by 11; Educational Science (Math) Series

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This picture book will delight children of all ages, but will be especially appealing to any child between the ages of 7 to 10.  It demonstrates how magical 11X math can be.  Here, a wizard has a castle with three different floors where 11X math of increasing difficulty is done. This book is fashioned after video games where a child can advance to the next level once he or she has mastered each level.

The first level is the simplest, where 11X a single digit number from 1 to 9 is done. The second level is 11X a double-digit number and the third level is 11X a three-digit number. Although each level increases in difficulty, the wizard reveals some amazing tricks for finding the solution quickly and without the use of a calculator.

Once a child discovers these tricks, he or she will discover how exciting 11X math can be. Children will be able to amaze friends with their ability to find the solution quickly using only mental math. But the ultimate goal of 11X Magic is to make kids view math from a new perspective – it can be fun!

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