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What an amazing world we live in! Yet science and math are all too often presented to children in a dry factual manner. Instead of captivating them, the material may not interest them. I still remember the refrain from my children when I attempted to introduce them to such books – “boring, mom!”.

What a shame! Our world is becoming more and more technologically advanced, and demand for people knowledgeable in math and science is increasing. But aside from the need for more people with these skills, there is wonder in discovering the intricacies of nature.

I have set out to create a series of math and nature picture books that introduce kids to these topics in a fun way. Step inside and have a look. If even one child is in awe of what he or she learns here – then this has been a worthwhile endeavor.

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Review by Layla (Goodreads):
Another wonderful book from Sharon Clark. She has a great way of writing to children that they can relate to, but at the same time teach something useful and educational. This book is about a bee named Hummy who learns to be a forager. It details her duties, her biology and lifestyle, and challenges she will face. But it is done in such a way that children almost won’t know they are actually learning, they will think they are just reading a fun story! A must have for the kiddo’s book collection. Hope this author does more like these!

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